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Domains are Valuable

Why are Domain Names So Valuable?

The function and utility of a domain name like (what it does and represents), is understood throughout the world.

The competition and desire to acquire valuable domains like is worldwide. In every country there is somebody looking for quality domains, whether a business owner or a domain investor.

The competition to acquire valuable domains is unimaginably, and sometimes astronomically, fierce.

Sometimes it is impossible to acquire the domain name you want.

Domains are valuable because they trigger a response in humans: what a domain conveys in the string of its characters is powerful. Used effectively, it is an unquantifiable and important business/marketing message to the world. It's the who, what, where, why and how of your business.

What does your brain think when it sees

A domain is valuable if it motivates the viewer for the desired response, action or conversion. Does it intrigue the viewer, making him/her want to click, share, like, tweet – spread your message – and, implicitly, your business?

If you are just now learning about "new gTLDs" (or just "gTLDs" these days), a program which began in 2014, the best of the best domains are long gone... snapped-up by savvy marketers, business owners and investors who got it, who understood the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the new domain strings held.

Keyword, dictionary, market-defining, generic domain names, like, signal to digital end-users your product or service – and make them want to learn more!

If you see a domain that you want or feel would be perfect for your business – get it. Waiting will not help your odds of acquiring that domain later or cheaper.

If the domain name you really want to get is a generic domain name, then there are many other people that want it also. Generic words and phrases ("keywords") are the strategic starting point of every digital sale. LOANS, MONEY, TOYS, CREDIT – keywords are goods and services boiled down to their basic unit.

Domains like are business assets that may appreciate in value. They are unique. There is only ONE in the world! The $1,000,000 your business spends on marketing and ads is an expense, money gone.

Domains are global. Domain demand is global. Domains are different as an asset class because they are available, exposed, 24/7, worldwide for all to see and visit.

When you own a domain, realize it’s not “just a domain name” – its rights to the visual marketing it imbues, the rights to create links with that message, the rights to build an application upon it, the rights to send email with an email address featuring that domain and much, much more!

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