The right time to start having sex after childbirth varies between individuals. Usually it's not recommended to have sexual intercourse until four weeks after giving birth.
There is a big difference in dealing with a very easily maneuverable one year old, that can be distracted with the bait and switch to dealing with a little creature that has realized the power of free will and that she does not have to do everything mom and dad says.
Seeing you baby for the first time changes you life for good. You thought that the increasing belly, picture from the ultrasound and all that kicking made you realize the change that was coming but those are just tiny steep on the way to parenthood.
Infants have innate knowledge about the world, and when their expectations are defied, they learn best, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University.
The harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy may be reflected in the facial movements of mothers’ unborn babies, new research has suggested.
Making veggies look, sound and feel more appealing is the key to getting babies to eat vegetables. 
It's important to get breastfeeding off to a good start.
Doing exercise and taking care of your diet has hidden benefits according to a recent study.
It is a major milestone in the life of parents when your little baby stops using diapers.
It is a giant milestone when babies start eating baby food.
We all know that praise is a positive thing and it can encourage us to go forward. 
The development of children the first two years is an incredible feat. To see your little baby change from a helpless little newborn that need care 24/7 to a 1-2 year old bundle of energy exploring the world running, crawling, babbling fighting for independence.
It helps your grandparents stay mentally fit if they babysit their little gems once a week, but do not overdo it because to much babysitting will have negative affect. 
Babies should sleep on their back, not on their tummies.
Giving infants peanuts helps prevent peanuts allergies. 
Things to avoid while pregnant can be a very long list if you are very careful. But there are some types of food, drinks and of course alcohol and drugs that are 100% of the list.
Breastfeeding helps against childhood obesity. The benefits of breastfeeding is a long list. It helps strengthen the relationship between the mother and child, it helps the mother recover from childbirth.
Yes, having twins is genetic. 
It's still a little bit more complicated because the heritage factor depends on whether you're expecting identical or dizygotic twins.
The 54 articles from the UN rights of the child are a cornerstone of children's human rights.