If our children decide to swim against the current our role as parents should be to lend them a hand and assist in any way we possibly can. 
Things to avoid while pregnant can be a very long list if you are very careful. But there are some types of food, drinks and of course alcohol and drugs that are 100% of the list.
Breastfeeding helps against childhood obesity. The benefits of breastfeeding is a long list. It helps strengthen the relationship between the mother and child, it helps the mother recover from childbirth.
Yes, having twins is genetic. 
It's still a little bit more complicated because the heritage factor depends on whether you're expecting identical or dizygotic twins.
The 54 articles from the UN rights of the child are a cornerstone of children's human rights. 
Water births have caused controvery in most countries.
A neonate is a newborn baby under 4 weeks old.
A neonate is a medical term for a baby for the first 28 days after birth. It does not matter if it is a premature, post mature or a full term baby.
Childbirth is generally divided into three stages of labour. The first stage is when the cervix dilates. The second stage is when the baby is pushed through the fully dilated cervix. The third stage is when the placenta is delivered.
The Apgar scale is a simple and quick way to assess the health of a newborn after birth.
Babies remember more when they are sleepy rather then wide-awake and napping helps them remember the things they learned before the nap.
There are many milestones your baby goes through in the first year. All these little and yet important milestones are likely to melt parent’s heart.
Research have shown relations between the consumption of more than five cups of coffee per day and a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.
Most babies go through growth spurts. The rule of thumb is that the growth spurts occur about four to five times in the first year. 
Most babies begin to smile at 6 weeks of age and soon after they begin to babble. Some babies start to smile earlier than others and that's completely normal.
Most parents love watch with their children reach certain milestones in their development. One of those major milestones is definetly developing the skill to roll over.
You are reaching the finish line, the third trimester has formally begun, now there are only 12-14 weeks ahead depending on how long your little gem wants to stay inside you.
It may come as a surprise for first time mothers but after giving birth your baby bump is not going to vanish immediately. The process takes time, how long is hard to say. Each mother’s baby bump behaves differently.
The time will come when breastfeeding ends as does everything else. Weaning a baby from your breastmilk to solid foods is a new era for the mother and child. New and exciting things are taking over.
For decades it was recommended to feed according to a strictly regulated feeding schedual. However, the old theories of keeping a strict newborn feeding schedule have ...
Why do I get swollen feet during pregnancy? What you are experiencing is called edema and is very common among pregnant women.